This historic home in the heart of Southport, Ct. was dealt a near fatal blow by Hurricane Irene when a beech tree split and fell through its roof, damaging 3 floors of antique living space. Restoring the home required sourcing antique lumber materials and recreating historically accurate trim, windows and doors. Our experienced timber framers, flooring experts and seasoned finished carpenters worked to restore the home allowing for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and insulation upgrades.
Historic Home Nearly Destroyed
Damaged 2nd and 3rd Floor Gable End
Winterized Work Environment
Antique Roof Rafters, Steel Reinforced Purlins and New Framing
Reconstruction of the Antique Rafters, Purlins, Collar Ties, Flooring and New Lath
Rebuilt Fireplace Mantel, Hearth and Refinished Floors
1st Floor Study -  Restored Post and Beams, New Windows, Trim, Refinished Floors and Plaster Ceilings and Walls
2nd Floor Master Bedroom and Bath - Restored Post and Beams, Joists, Windows, Trim, Flooring and Plaster Ceilings and Walls
3rd Floor Guest Bedroom - Restored Rafters, Purlins, Joists, Flooring, Windows, Trim and Built-in
New Country Kitchen
E. Thorp House 1792
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